It is not just coffee. It is a movement.

Jumpy Monkey® Coffee!

What if your morning cup of coffee had more meaning behind it than a simple caffeine fix?

Jumpy Monkey® Coffee is a small woman-owned business run by a mother and daughter duo on a mission to serve incredible 100% Arabica coffee and support those with special needs. As the mother of a daughter with special needs who contributes to the success of the coffee roasting company, We believe in providing a fair opportunity for individuals with disabilities to experience meaningful employment that includes packaging, sales, marketing, and delivery. On a quest to lead by example while proving that everyone deserves access to fair employment opportunities, Jumpy Monkey® Coffee continues changing lives for the better, one cup of coffee at a time.

Indulge in high-quality coffee and support a good cause!

  • You were a joy to work with. Whenever I had a question, you answered it in a prompt and courteous manner! I loved having some of the product to share with our Board prior to the sale event - so that they could get a feel for what our kids would be selling and they could speak to the quality! I hope that we will be able to work this fundraiser in again next year. Am hoping to perhaps see some K-cups in the mix too!

    Lincoln High School Marching Band

  • We love the coffee and I personally love the interaction with the employees!

    Cosmopolitan Club

  • The girl I talked with was so helpful, answered all of my questions and was extremely flexible. She made it easy for me to know what to do, what my options were and the turn around for the products getting here was so fast. I am so happy we chose to partner with Jumpy Monkey!

    The Ransom Church

  • Jumpy Monkey Coffee is local, has a great mission, and has a team that shows commitment to quality costumer communication. The team, the coffee, and the cause are all great.

    Friendship Community Church

  • We are very excited about partnering with Jumpy Monkey! They are so polite and kind. Also know exactly what we need. It's a pleasure doing business with them.

    Morningside Assembly of God Church

  • Planning on doing this fundraiser every year, people loved the variety!

  • Everyone went out of their way to make this fundraiser easy and painless. I always reached a friendly voice when I called, it is very impressive to feel so welcome when you call and different personnel answers the phone. Every aspect was wonderful. I have never worked with such a positive company.

  • Love the coffee! Great selection and great cause! Good people too!

    Brad M.

  • Everything was smooth, organized and easy! It was a real pleasure working with Jumpy Monkey and your organization is great. Looking forward to doing it again.

  • Everything went great! We sold to some new customers this year and they LOVE the coffee. People really liked it and have been asking about it!

    Amherst High School

  • We had your coffee for the first time at Vines and Steins in Sioux City and fell in love! We left with more bags of coffee than bottles of wine :) Best Decision ever! Your coffee is the best part of our mornings.

    Kim P.

  • I JUST LOVE YOUR COMPANY, YOUR COFFEE, AND YOUR MINISTRY! KEEP IT UP! GOD BLESS....RHEA. Thank you for being so helpful and for such a quick response! You truly are a great company!

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