Lori Bride


Family, coffee, animals, summer, water and reading – these are Lori’s passions in life. Lori is the general Manager here. The purpose of our “Coffee With A Cause” is to bring together family and friends in a process that lifts everyone upward and onward.

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with your children when they are adults? Well that is one of the many unique situations (i.e. Challenges) we love here at Jumpy Monkey®. Yes, it is our daughter that has a disability, but yes there are days where I do indeed question if we are not "Birds of a Feather". We also receive the benefits of watching our daughter, and her buddies from both Special Olympics and NPI, grow hand in hand with the business. I love that our family owned small business is mission driven!

Amanda Bride


Hello Everyone! My name is Amanda and I am the No. 1 Bagger; No. 1 Labeler; and No. 1 Deliverer for Jumpy Monkey® Coffee - just ask me. My mom is Lori and she is my boss at Jumpy Monkey. I enjoy Special Olympics and I also like to knit, sing and watch movies – I have lots of favorites. I try to be kind and love teaching new employees how to do the tasks at Jumpy Monkey®! I feel special working here. Jumpy Monkey® is the best coffee ever and I think that everyone should try it!

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Rashmi and Amanda