Brand: Jumpy Monkey® Coffee Roasting Co.

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Place of Origin: South America

Bag size: 12 ounces. 1 pound or 5 pounds

Roasted: United States                        Roast:  Medium

  • Highlander is a medium roast coffee that combines the flavors of butterscotch, caramel and vanilla, giving a perfect flavor blend. Its creamy smooth butterscotch flavor and aroma make it the perfect choice for those seeking a unique but familiar coffee experience. 
  • Coffee - your new way of life!

Customer Reviews

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Mark Clark
Best yet

I literally drink 3-4 pots of coffee daily, both regular and decaf. I have been drinking coffee for 45 years. I try as many different brands/flavors as I can so that I can come to a couple favorites that I could stock up on because of it's flavor.
As of today, I have narrowed down one so far...Jumpy Monkey's Highlander Grog. It simply has the best combination of smoothness and flavor that I've been looking for.

I highly recommend it.

Thank you Mark for you review! We really appreciate your kind words and the action you took to post a review. Our small business appreciates your efforts. We are grateful for you!